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Website Design

Give your business a home online and showcase and sell your products or services 24/7.

Website Design

A website gives you credibility and creates even more brand consistency. With an E-Commerce site you can be open to make sales 24/7. Your customers can easily see all that you have to offer with search capabilities and collections.

This service includes a computer and mobile-based site featuring:

-On-brand web pages with personalized colors, fonts, and images. We will showcase your products and collections.

-Up to 10 product pages that will include any information you provide. Photos, descriptions, variations, and reviews. We can group these into collections and create a catalog for ease of use for your customers.
(You will be able to add more for an additional fee)

-Contact and social media display will help your customers find you on all platforms provided.

-We will utilize internal apps that will give your customers a customized experience.

- There will also be a footer at the bottom of each page that will display any important info you want.

-You will have access to the analytical and SEO options for your website to see how your visitor interact with your site.

Can be used for Wix or Shopify.

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