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I am Ariana Peppers the Owner of Peppery Details, LLC. I am a mom of a hilarious little boy. I love going on road trips or driving in general. I am obsessed with a good matte ombre lipstick. My favorite drink is the Passion Tango Tea from Starbuck. And I am a fan of Rum. I actually do read the fine print... so many people skip over those little details. 😏 
I have always been inquisitive or nosey if you ask my Mom. I get excited at the opportunity to learn new things. I have always loved working on different crafts and hobbies. I always say, I grew up in Hobby Lobby because my mom and I were there at least once a week. We sewed, crocheted, painted, made jewelry, we did it all.

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My background with tech comes from my Dad. He had always had the latest gadgets. I remember always hearing HSN on the TV describing all the specs of their newest models. I was never afraid to test them out when he got them. And being a 90's baby, I had to figure out how to download my music and make my mix CDs! 

In 2020, I was recruited to work on a radio station with some friends as their social media manager. I started with simple posts and conversations, and then I started learning the different programs like Canva, Spark, and Placeit. I wanted to do more so I started learning Illustrator and looking into Photoshop again. People started seeing my post and asking me to do projects for them, and I loved it. I started learning and practicing more and doing more projects. 


Insert Peppery Details! I started this company because of the love I have for all things creative. It is the home of all the skills I have learned over the years. It is a place where I can have a blank slate and build something beautiful from it to help others further their dreams. Once I announced that I started a business, so many people started opening up to me about their businesses and products. I am so happy to be in the position to help so many on their journey. My clients give me their ideas and we collab to make exactly what they want. My favorite response is when someone says: "I didn't know how to explain it, but that's exactly what I had in mind!" It is always a privilege to work on something that is so special.

Well, that is enough about me! I would love to know more about you and the projects you have going on. Message me below or follow me on social media and we can chat! I am excited to learn more about you and your project. Check out the Services page for more ideas or contact me to see how I can help.

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